The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards : Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Forensics, NLP, Anodyne Medical, Psychology, & Continuing Education
The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards : Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, Forensics, NLP, Anodyne Medical, Psychology, & Continuing Education
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have trouble believing that this can be done by home study, I think hands on is the best. Can it be done successfully by home study?

A. Yes, very easily and has been done successfully for 19 years. A lot of people mistakenly believe this. We have successfully trained thousands. All of our materials are designed so anyone can do them. It is as simple as paint by the numbers. We do this so people in other countries who know and understand very little English can easily complete our courses.

Hands on is simply NOT needed. Hypnosis is VERY simple and if during or after the courses are done and you don't agree, you can attend any of our 65 centers in fourteen countries and do some internship at no cost to you. Less than 1% of all of our students ever feel a need to do so once they complete our courses. We also provide you with your own personal student advisor.

Q. What if I have questions or a problem, what do I do then?

A. We have a worldwide toll free phone number (1-866-684-9990) where you can call anytime from 9am-9pm EST 7 days a week 365 days a year and we will answer any and all your questions. This unequalled support is available forever, not just until you get certified.

Q. How can I be "Board Certified"?

A. You will be certified without doing an internship, however if you want to be "Board Certified" you will need to go to one of our 65+ centers and do the internship program. There is never a charge for this and you can do it at any time. A lot of the people come to our headquarters in Central Florida and do some internship and spend the rest of their time here on vacation; you can then write off most of the trip and do both. You can also attend our yearly seminar and do a free internship.

Q. What makes your program better then the rest?

A. This is a very good question. Obviously, the price and the quality of our courses. But also our unequalled FREE lifetime 365 day's a year support and our guarantee, the best in the business. I also think that the fact that we teach you what to do with the material you learn. We include sales, marketing and advertising as well. Also the fact that we have not had a single complaint in 19 years of service. We think this is what sets us apart from the rest.

We are the forerunners of this industry and we are very proud of this. We were the first to offer the Master course, first to offer internship, first to have a mobile classroom, now the first to offer continuing education courses live online and first to offer our education live online. We are always on the cutting edge, setting the standards.

Remember we are the world's largest supplier of hypnosis home study courses and all of our courses are accredited.

We are also the only ones who list our members for all the world to see as a testament to the quality of our education. (Pre 9/11)

Q. What can I do with the hypnosis training when I am done? Can I make a living?

A. Yes, certainly, many of our former students open their own practice. We will teach you all you need to accomplish this. Some set up with other practitioners like a massage therapist a chiropractor or alike. Some only learn for self improvement.

Q. Are you or your courses accredited?

A. Yes we have had our courses reviewed and approved by several different sources including a US State Dept of Education, A Psychological Institute and a private accrediting organization (AAHEA). We are fully accredited by the very old (140 Years) and distinguished American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation (AAHEA) located in Washington, DC.

Q. What type of hypnosis do you teach?

A. We teach the Ericksonian method of hypnosis. This is the only mainstream method.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. We have been in business over 19 years. We are affiliated with the oldest ongoing hypnosis organization in the world, founded in 1951. We are also affiliated with The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy and six others as well.

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