World Conference on Alternative Health

The National Board of Professional And Ethical Standards…

in conjunction with

The Professional Board of Hypnotherapy,US

The Institute of Professional Psychologists,US


  The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists

The oldest and most prestigious hypnosis organization in the world


invites you to share 60 years of service at our Annual Convention


    Get a vacation and an education for free!


 To be held in the Spring of 2011


  A $50.00 USD fee is all you need to reserve your space, with an additional fee due by August 1st of $49.00 USD for a total of $99.00. Bring a friend or loved one at no additional cost. Reserve early so you do not miss out.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet our directors and other worldwide members and affiliates, have a *free vacation in the orlando area and visit the theme parks.

We will have at least four classrooms going at all times on a variety of subjects by highly qualified specialists in their subject.

So come and learn from the best minds from around the world  with everything included in one price. Call today 1-866-684-9990 or 1-1-866-684-9990

Note: There is a 20% discount on any of our courses purchased at the convention.

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*This is tax deductible! (See IRS Regulation 1:62-5  #203F.2d307)

Call now to reserve your space  1-866-684-9990  or  1- 1-866-684-9990   or click here to sign up on line  http://www.hypnosis.us/convention.htm 

Our members are members of all six organizations.



                 Current board of directors, photo taken on the board property at our World Convention.    



wpe2.jpg (232857 bytes)

Dr. Louis Griffin,PhD Dr.Tom Verso,DC Dr. Price,MD Dr.Jean Murton,PhD Dr.Susan Walters,PhD Dr. Don Murphy,PhD Dr. De Mel,PhD Dr. D.A.
Del Hunter Morrill Dorothea
Chief Dwight Hood
Vice President

Sri Lanka

USA USA USA President. USA


Convention 2007 in Las Vegas. This is our new President, Dwight Hood a sitting police Chief as he talks to our members.



This picture is some of the board of directors discussing the board's business.Left to right is Dr. Gomez, MD from Columbia,             SA, Dr. De Mel, VP from Sri Lanka, Dr. Brady, CEO from Florida, USA, across the table is Dr. Verso DC from Texas.


wpe3.jpg (435672 bytes)



Dr. Brady, CEO and Dr. De Mel, VP posing for a picture.


wpe4.jpg (466215 bytes)



Here is Dr. Brady presenting Dr. Gomez with a $2,500.00 prize he won in one of our 6 drawings we held, where we gave

away a total of $5,000.00 worth of prizes in two days.


wpe5.jpg (258843 bytes)



Here is our President talking to one of our featured speakers, Rabbi Landry from NY.


wpe6.jpg (192370 bytes)



Dr.Gomez, MD was present but not in the directors picture, above (top). Dr. Neblett and Prof. Cox were not present at

the 2006 convention below.


wpe3.jpg (41866 bytes)


       Dr. Gomez, MD presenting Dr. Brady with a painting that took him a month to paint.  It is of a town in
                         South America where he grew up. Much thanks to Doc G for it is a prize possession!



wpe4.jpg (29662 bytes)


                   Here is one of the three classrooms being used at the convention.




wpe5.jpg (33995 bytes)


Students after a class with Prof. De Mel from Sri Lanka presenting on Brain Optimization.




wpe6.jpg (40928 bytes)


          People eating and discussing workshops with the world renownd Dr. Barrios




wpe7.jpg (47787 bytes)


     Lunch time with barbecue chicken prepared by the board's own chef, Walt Davis and his assistant Anne.




                                         wpe5.jpg (13144 bytes)

                                     Riding the tram around the board's property 



                                         wpe7.jpg (17693 bytes)


                                                          Photo at the entrance.



 wpe2.jpg (23509 bytes)


 Prof. De Mel, President of the Institute of Professional Psychologists presenting Dr. Brady,

CEO with his appointment as the Regional Director of the US and Canada for IPP.



                                          Comments from attendees of the 2006 convention


Hi Doc,
Have arrived home safely, tired but full of the happy thoughts and the successful convention, held at your complex.  You did a grand job!  Thanks for the lovely food. It was wonderful meeting all those lovely members,  friends, now that I met at the convention.The photos came out well, I am pleased.  Once again thank you for your wonderful hospitality.  
Love to everyone, God Bless, Jean,UK

Hi Doc,
  Just wanted to thank you for an exciting time at the convention in Florida. Diana and I had a lot of fun and met some wonderful people (that we hope to someday see again) I would like to tell everyone about the session on the bridge. Diana has always had an extreme fear of heights and of bridges. As we were walking across a bridge at the park Doc notices Diana in the middle of the bridge holding tight to the railing and she  would not let go to come to the side with me and look over. Well Doc took off and soon came back with the rest of the group. Jean and Suhail had a session with Diana on the bridge in the middle of the park. When they were finished Diana was looking over the edge into the water. She even went on the sky lift without trouble. Suhail and Doc wouldn't let her say "no". It was fantastic, I wish everyone could have been there.   Thank you all for the fantastic time and the session on the bridge.       Carl and Diana Iles
, Grand Junction, CO


Thanks for all your hospitality and I had a great time. Pat and I have looked over the pictures which I took there and she advised that she WILL be in Vegas next year, so she can see everyone.  Again, thank you for everything and your complex was beautiful. Sincerely, Lou

Good Morning Doc,  

           What a wonder-filled weekend!!  Congratulations on an amazing convention!  Thank you and special thanks to your staff  for their hard work              and dedication,  Thank you again, Dorothea


           Doc Brady,

          You treated us like Kings and Queens! Had a great time, Thank you, G. Perez

Dr. Brady

I GREATLY enjoyed the convention, but most of all the time I was able to share with you.
Your complex & ranch is picture perfect, and a great reflection of your devotion and love for peace and harmony.
I wondered why you wanted to have the convention in Las Vegas next year, with such a delightful setting as the Board.  I understand though (the hundreds of hours preparing the property etc.) I know every one will rembember the fantastic beauty and tranquil setting.
I told Paula all about everything and she was so happy to know about the wonderful experience.

Thanks again for your wonderful friendship!
Donald R.

Just wanted to say that it was great seeing you and I enjoyed the conference and reconnecting to my friends. I have been listen to Jeans cd!  It is wonderful and WELL DONE. Started reading her book today…  Jean, and Donald work with me intensively and  both helped me a lot.
Well I am tired… going to crash.. been a long day…  

warmest Regards, Dr.West

I now feel pumped up, it was wonderful, I had a great time! CJ

 We at the board want to thank every one who attended this years convention, we had people from all over including a doctor who traveled 44 hours and spent $4,000 dollars to attend our once in a lifetime world event at our 24 Acre complex!



        Here are some pictures and comments from a previous  years convention in Las Vegas



wpe4.jpg (199587 bytes)


                        wpe5.jpg (43839 bytes)


Hello Doc,         11-10-03
Thanks for the e-mail.  It certainly appeared to me that all the participants of the conference gained valuable information, insights, and friendships.  It was an outstanding experience.  Thank you to you and Tonya for making this possible. D. Schaffer


                                          wpe4.jpg (23129 bytes)

                                                           Opening statement by CEO Dr. Brady


Pat and I would like to express our gratitude for the wonderful time we had in Las Vegas with all our new found friends.  "As we all walked in as strangers, but left as David Schaefer, M.Ed., PhD, said, “intimate friends with knew found wisdom.......”  I do believe that Dr. Schaefer was right; we left as a close family from around the world.   Thanks David for your friendship and support.    

The excitement from each other, poured into our conference and it was GREAT. The knowledge in the rooms; made you hungry for new learning and gave you new insights to life. 

I am sorry that so many members of the NBPES and the BATH could not make it.  You missed an opportunity of a lifetime.  
Louis F. Griffin, Jr. PhD

                                       wpe3.jpg (28733 bytes)             


I had a great time at the conference. The people in my workshop were very responsive. I enjoyed the conference and thanks for inviting me. Dr. Paul Durbin

It was a great experience. Being with the people, people you and Tonya have attracted made it all worth while. Deirdre feels the same way. Best to both of you... John

                wpe6.jpg (37663 bytes)

           Greatly enjoyed the convention.  It was great to meet you face to face. Learned a great deal, and it was nice to meet others working in the field. Once again it was great to see you folks. Don Murphy


                wpe7.jpg (35731 bytes)


                wpe8.jpg (33852 bytes)

Dear Dr. Brady, 
Thank you again for the wonderful conference. Let me know how I can help. Thank you for allowing my wife, Beate, to attend the conference. She enjoyed it very much and is now taking the Basic Hypnosis course because of it. We both look forward to growing along with the organization. 

A comment on the conference – “The members of the National Board that I met at the conference were professional, educated, caring people. I did not feel like a stranger at any time. Everyone shared their knowledge and of themselves making the whole experience one I will remember for many years to come. I can’t wait for next year’s conference in England! World Hypnosis Convention 2004, here we come!!!!!”   Drew

              wpe9.jpg (27072 bytes)

This is Capt. Lewis Griffin, PhD, doing a Non-Verbal induction class with our staff as his partner. Louis is our Forensic expert and is in charge of Student Ethics. Below are pictures of the actual induction being preformed live at the conference.

               wpeA.jpg (33825 bytes)

                  "The non-verbal was fascinating and useful information, thank you!"   "Great!" "Well done!" "Bravo"

               wpeB.jpg (19968 bytes)

               wpeC.jpg (24452 bytes)

               wpeF.jpg (32397 bytes)

        This is a business class being taught by Dr. Brady at the conference. Below are comments by attendees.

        "Doc kept the class fast paced and exciting."  "Very informative,very motivating, felling very pumped up!"
        "Good personality,sense of humor, very knowledgeable and honest!" " Very Knowledgeable" "Dynamic"

                wpe3.jpg (23319 bytes)

                 wpe4.jpg (25931 bytes)      


                 wpe5.jpg (18952 bytes)


Welcome home !  It was great finally being able to meet everyone.  I am so sorry we had to leave so early.  I was really looking forward to setting in on the many programs.

I'm looking forward to an exciting year for all of us. Dr. Maness


                   wpe11.jpg (27837 bytes)

It is my pleasure to finally get a chance to personally meet the British folks from The British Association of  Therapeutical Hypnotists, (founded 1951). Including Keith Jones,CEO (shown above)  his lovely wife, and Jean Murton, Secretary of B.A.T.H..(Shown below) We, as you should know, have joined hands with them across the world to bring hypnosis to a new degree of professionalism.

We thank them for traveling 7,000+ miles to be with us and to welcome ALL of our members of our worldwide organizations. We look forward to the Oct, 9th 2004 U.K. meeting.         

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with you and thank you for the wonderful experience of meeting with your members and Directors. Keith Jones, CEO The British Association of Therapeutical Hypnotists

                  wpe12.jpg (30121 bytes)

This is a picture of Jean (Doc Love) from the U.K. doing what she does best, loving people and being a great person to know!
Keep it up for there is not enough love in this world!!!

Loved the pictures and the web site photos.  It really was a fantastic atmostphere at the conference, and we will look forward to meeting you all here. 
Loved the comments from everybody, please add mine, I thought your crowd was just as friendly and welcoming.
Lots of love to all
Jean UK

We have so far had everyone without exception say they were going to the next convention. We are happy to hear that everyone had a great time! Thank you for attending and sharing the love and knowledge, The National Board....